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4.5 Stars Based on Over 1,000 Verified Customer Reviews

  • jeff glover

    Friendly and courteous, pleased with the final product

  • Brianne Carson

    Very easy process. Great communication, answered all of my questions and finished in a timely fashion.

  • Dave Baltzer

    Our Solar Consultant, Leo Alvarez, is the greatest. And the installation team from Solcius... read more

  • Napoleon Davis

    Solcius did a great job installing the panels on the roof. I just wish... read more

  • Ruth Donner

    Overall very happy with the communication and process of everything.

  • Michelle Lindsay

    This company has been so professional and upstanding from the very beginning of the sales,... read more

  • Ashley Trank

    Very professional, knowledgable and friendly. The work was done quick and very clean.

  • Jon Arnett

    After install, my wife noticed a problem with some of our outlets and switches. The... read more

  • Thomas Geblein

    Fast and thorough!

  • Elizabeth Arciniega

    The installers were very professional and explained everything they were going to do. Once done,... read more

  • Manuel Verduzco

    The installation crew did an amazing job very clean and professional.

  • Chris Sowell

    We were introduced to Solcius through the My Smart Home Program. There are a... read more

  • Joshua Byer

    The purchase and installation process has been excellent. Prices were fair, great financing options, and... read more

  • Evan Estrada

    Solcius is amazing! employee's came to install our solar panels. And did an amazing job!... read more

  • Denise B

    The experience was great, they just won’t stop bugging me to rate them

  • Lee Urbanski

    The installation crew was prompt, courteous and professional. They answered my questions and appeared to... read more

  • peter mwangi


  • Adam Ruda

    Very professional and efficient company. They have been helpful on every step of the way.... read more

  • Crystal Creighton

    Very professional and finished in 1 day!

  • elena todiras

    What to say:just-excellent work,excellent team work, very good organized the job for each of them,... read more

  • Charles Bohall III

    Excellent service and professionalism. 10/10. Would definitely recommend

  • April Reyes

    From the initial consultation to the installation, Solcius exceeded our expectations!! Talk about smooth sailing... read more

  • Lee Austin

    Very professional and did a great job even with the very windy conditions.

  • Beading Heart

    On the first scheduled visit the installers failed to bring all the necessary equipment so... read more

  • Jazzy He

    So far so good in my case with customer friendly communication and the project timeline... read more

  • Jan Hunt

    I did a lot of research on different solar companies. In doing so, the take... read more

  • Konrad Daniels

    It’s been great dealing with everyone involved. I’ve dealt with other solar companies and was... read more

  • David Grindle

    The install team was incredible and on time.

  • Cambrae Ordonez

    I was very impressed with the quickness and efficiency of the team that came out... read more

  • Dennis Wisholek

    Very professional work done.

  • Pete Mirabile

    They were very quick and professional when installing the panels! Ready to get checked then... read more

  • Camron Eliason

    Very friendly, quick and efficient!! They take care of everything for you!!

  • Kim Shurtliff

    Excellent performance, showed up on time and was done in no time. Everything looks great,... read more

  • Michael Orey

    We installed a solar system with Solcius. The solution was a no money down,... read more

  • martin gonzalez

    On time friendly employees clean work

  • Marco Lugo

    So far so good. Everyone so far through this entire experience has been super friendly,... read more

  • Kayla Mornelli

    Solcius is a great company to work with. Everyone is very helpful and professional, there... read more

  • Richard Najar

    This was my 2nd solar install. All around it was by far a much... read more

  • Sean Young

    Ernest was a great agent and walked me through the whole process. It has been... read more

  • randyg23

    Pretty happy bout the install and everything is moving pretty fast including the interconnection application... read more

  • Mark Reynolds

    Brian, Matt and Nelson did a great job Even in this weather. We are very... read more

  • Mollie McDermott

    We were excited about getting solar energy at our home, and signed up in August... read more

  • Hirael Cardenas

    Solcius has been great. They got it done quick and kept their promises. Communication is... read more

  • Ray Gardner

    Great product great deal, installers are very professional.

  • Timothy Weathersby

    The sales reps Tyler and Micheal were excellent and the installers were very professional and... read more

  • Alma Guenther

    Wonderful experience, got more installation. When old roof failed, they were able to... read more

  • Nathan Lowery

    They were pros. Finished fast, work looks good. No complaints so far.

  • Tina Orme

    I recommend this company without a doubt.


    Great solar company!

  • Jackie Marentes

    Very smooth process, all appointments and services were provided as agreed. Very punctual with... read more

  • Karina Warner

    It was great working with those guys! So far so good... We just had our... read more

  • Paul Yu

    great job by your staff. very friendly and efficient. Cleaned up very nicely too.

  • Paul Olson

    Excellent job by the installation team.

  • chris ryan

    Solcius kept me informed every step of the way and did an excellent job of... read more

  • Tina Bloom

    These guys were great. Very professional and working on a cold, icy, windy day. I... read more

  • Lindsay Newbrough

    This whole experience has been great, thanks to our Rep. and My Smart Home. Solcius... read more

  • j pendlebury

    Our house was older and much time was spent finding the best way to install... read more

  • debbie cochran

    Team showed up on time, finished on time clean and tidy

  • Sarah Knutson

    Alan was great when he came to fix my solar inverter. He answered all my... read more

  • Christa Morrill

    Very respectful and courteous. They work really hard to make sure that everything is taken... read more

  • mikel simmons

    The only comment I have is,the day the workers come to install the solar panel... read more

  • Tary Touhey

    Great company , very professional and knowledgeable group of people ! I had no... read more

  • Charles Faulkner

    The complete installation process was very efficient, installers were very knowledgable and polite. I'm very... read more

  • Bob Love

    They were very professional and fast at their job

  • Justin Rowlette

    Communication seems to be an issue. I have had several calls referring to the... read more

  • Pete Surita

    Very friendly did a great job

  • Lindsay Weinheimer

    The three guys that came today were troopers. They worked hard in weather conditions to... read more

  • milagro mendez

    Very friendly people

  • Amanda C

    I just had solar panels installed. I am very happy with my panels. The... read more

  • Roberta Crafts

    Fast installation and professional crew

  • Elgin Ball

    It took longer than I expected due to heavy winds nonetheless great job

  • marc rinow

    They were very through called regularly with updates. I would recommend to others

  • Michael Tepper

    The whole process was extremely professional and quick. Great job by all.

  • Cindy Darling

    A charming crew who handled the installation of my solar panels very nicely. Answered any... read more

  • Jeff Oldroyd

    Company has been a good company to work with so far. My solar is not... read more

  • Sherri Marquez

    The experience was smooth sailing from the beginning to end. I got my panels today!!!!

  • William Wagner

    The gentlemen arrived morning and had completed the installation of our solar system by mid... read more

  • Susan Jeffries

    The installers were polite, quiet and efficient. They let me know it would take a... read more

  • Richard Harris

    Installation team was professional and made sure the job was completed as if they were... read more

  • Colleen Kilanowski

    The crew was very friendly and informative. They were concenious about the cleaning up too.

  • Ginger Senefeld

    The workers that came to my house were respectful and very efficient! I had good... read more

  • Amy Lin

    Professional, cleaned up after themselves.

  • Ji Shi

    The installation team is very impressive, they are very efficient and careful with the roof.They... read more

  • Melinda Martin

    Solcius made the whole process so quick and easy. From start to up and running... read more

  • Steve Tazman

    The installers worked quickly an efficiently. They paused for a few minutes during a... read more

  • Philip Nacionales

    Couldn’t be more satisfied with Solcius’ services! From the very beginning, they were there... read more

  • Stephen Abad

    Super happy with the work solicius did with our solar. Installers were very thorough and... read more

  • Charlotte Anne Viterbo

    Alex, the gentleman I have been working with to get my solar has been very... read more

  • allan leeper

    They did a great job, and cleaned up nicely.

  • Shane Booker

    Awesome job by a fantastic crew! Panels look so perfect. The crew was super polite... read more

  • Michael Homchick

    UNFORTUNATELY we have @#$%^ solar city(*&^&%%, but SOLCIUS came by our door we talked... read more

  • James Szewczyk

    We did have delays but they were caused by local permits. The work was done... read more

  • Gil Garcia

    It took a while for the install, but that is understandable, the installation crew were... read more

  • Ron F

    Very happy so far with the process!

  • Peggy Kubala

    The people that installed our Solar were very efficient and got the job done in... read more

  • Kristen

    Great so far. I'll update my comments once I see my first bill. Only a... read more

  • Cass Goldman

    The panels look great on the roof! Wonderful first contact presentation! Only 4... read more

  • Salam Aljumaili


  • Jack Helm

    Install was very good. Planning was off/scheduling was off. No communication with client. ACTUALLY, the... read more

  • Karen Orizaga

    Great service!

  • Ruth D

    Overall very happy with the communication and process of everything.

  • Steve M

    My wife and I were pleased with the work that was done. The quick response... read more

  • Louie R

    Excellent service and are proactive in contacting customer to update on service.

  • Adam R

    Very professional and efficient company. They have been helpful on every step of the way.... read more

  • Lee A

    From the salesman Robert (******* *****) to the installers and inspectors, everything went as promised... read more

  • Chris S

    We were introduced to Solcius through the My Smart Home Program. There are a lot... read more

  • Jazzy H

    So far so good in my case with customer friendly communication and the project timeline... read more

  • Corinne P

    The installation of our solar panels and system was completed in a timely manner. The... read more

  • Lee U.

    The installation of the solar panels was quite painless. The installers were prompt, courteous, professional... read more

  • Juna P A

    fast very cordial and on top of all customer service needs.

  • Betzaida R

    Great Service!! Always keep you in touch!!

  • Kim

    Excellent service, they kept in touch the whole way through lettings us know when and... read more

  • Charles B

    Very professional and knowledgeable. 10/10. Would recommend!

  • Rosemarie T

    They were quick and efficient. Answered all my questions.

  • Martha

    They were very fast with the installation and process and they did an overall great process

  • Jen R

    Solcius staff were polite and professional. Explained the process in an easy to understand way.... read more

  • Jennifer S

    They were very professional and took the time to tell us exactly what we needed... read more

  • Kayla Mornelli

    Solcius is a great company to work with. Everyone is very helpful and professional, there... read more

  • Sergey Starling

    Great solar company

  • Zora L

    Awesome company had no problems from start to finish.

  • Mandy T

    They are an amazing company. Would recommend them to anyone.

  • Dennis M

    Solcius has made the transition to solar very easy and Matt G***** has been with... read more

  • Tina O

    His is a great company, pleasant people and down to earth.

  • Milford

    Great fast service and installation. Handled all permits, questions and issues in a timely and... read more

  • Lisa V

    Reasonable prices, great customer service and quick to get installed.

  • Murphy

    So far working with My smart house and Solcius has been a good experience. Everyone... read more

  • Paul O

    I had a lot of questions- and was very skeptical- all of my questions and... read more


    Professional detailed report high-lighted the benefits for solar installation at my residence. The customer service... read more

  • Miguel L

    Everybody that contacted me was very professional and kept up with us throughout the entire... read more

  • Ted C

    Great construction and sales staff.

  • Irmalinda N

    Very good customer service! From the sales team to the installers everything went smoothly. I... read more

  • Anne Viterbo

    Alex, the gentleman I have been working with to get my solar has been very... read more

  • JenGreenwood

    I was very impressed with the young man who "sold" me the system. I was... read more

  • pdn

    Installation by Solcius was just completed and we are very pleased with how well it... read more

  • tech1

    I got Solcius thru My Smart House, from day one when we originally talked to... read more

  • Ryan G

    The process was quick and very smooth. The only glitch was not having installers available... read more

  • Patrick K

    Excellent customer service and stress free process for the install of our solar panels. Everything... read more

  • Sam

    Installation was fast but the process took almost two months.

  • Jim S.

    Very good company with a knowledgeable staff

  • Pete Lowry

    Overall very happy I went with them & had the panels installed! Bumpy start (the... read more

  • David D.

    Arrived this morning and did a very nice job, very polite and professional.

  • Michael H.

    It took too long to get the panels up and running. I believe the electric... read more

  • Martha H.

    This was a great experience and we are so glad we decided to get solar... read more

  • Alex

    Everything was seamless. The installation took one day and I cannot think of anything negative... read more

  • Cody S.

    Customer service was great and they moved very fast to get permits and finish the installation

  • Martha H.

    Great company. It all started with our salesman. He explained everything clearly and the whole... read more

  • paul

    I have been very impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of all the people we... read more

  • Angelina G.

    Thank you so much, very professional work

  • Steve R.

    Once I signed the documents the process of getting the system installed was very smooth... read more

  • Let the Sun Shine

    The installation technicians were professional, positive, and communicated the entire procedure clearly. They got right... read more

  • Erika E.

    The process was pretty simple, I didn't have to do much other than the initial... read more

  • Alberto G.

    These guys were awesome, Christy made it an easy transitioning to solar for my family,... read more

  • Oscar V.

    We didn’t have to do hardly anything they took care of everything quickly and efficiently.

  • Julie

    The company was professional. There were some problems with my towns electrical inskector which caused... read more

  • Kimberly B.

    I live in SC and fortunately have lots of sun from which to harness power... read more

  • Alex M.

    Solcius did an awesome job!!! Professional, and FAST! Thanks!!

  • Don W.

    Great to work with and the product is sleek and nice looking

  • Terri C.

    Installation was done in less time than I anticipated. The guys who did the work... read more

  • Dixie S.

    It looks great and just haven't been able to experience it being turned on yet!... read more

  • Kevin H.

    Solcius was a good experience it was the clear solar company part dealing with Stewart... read more

  • Marlene

    It’s e. Den very happy with how your company got things accomplished once the credit... read more

  • tyler

    Freindly, very fast installation, very professional.

  • Lis m.

    it was great work

  • Christopher Boswell

    Besides all the Permits the Town needed to get this process and the delays and... read more

  • Maria C.

    Very efficient

  • Mark H.

    Would like to have someone come show me the system and explain how it runs.... read more

  • Jacqueline A.

    We had solar installed by Solcius and it was a great experience! They were very... read more

  • Phil M.

    Already had install done 2 weeks after signing up. 2-4 more weeks to have my... read more

  • Tanya

    I was skeptical at first about this. The salesman Franklin Fox was great. He explained... read more

  • Carl B.

    The SOLCIUS experience has been outstanding start to finish. Just waiting for the city an SRP.

  • Shawn Moore

    Very very good great experience. Michael is the person to deal with very professional. Installation... read more

  • Stewart B.

    This company has been a pleasant surprise in that I have been so impressed with... read more

  • TODD JR H.

    Very nice people and great to work with very knowledgable and willingness to work with you.

  • Nestor Ortega

    This is a great choice, working with professional and ethic people, leaving my place totally... read more

  • Jean B.

    I was blown away by how fast and how smoothly the installation of my new... read more

  • George B.

    Prompt service, clean work, as described

  • Horace R.

    I was introduced to Solcius, solar energy company, by way of a cold call solicitation.... read more

  • Vincent P.

    They installed the panels and the next day we had an ice storm. The solar... read more

  • Eas

    Excellent! Fast, simple and easy. They have been a service that met my every need.... read more

  • mgrace

    We love our solar panels thank you for saving us money and saving the planet

  • Chontel H.

    Very fast install from start to finish. The guys left no mess behind. Great job!

  • Donna P.

    This company and all employees are highly efficient and competent. We have already referred 4... read more

  • Diane N.

    Great company! The entire process of getting permits and permissions were done by the company.... read more

  • Jussi G.

    It was a pleasure working with this company, from the sales team all the way... read more

  • Mark S.

    The entire install only took about 7 hours with only 3 installers. The workplace was... read more

  • Danny McFarland

    Quick installation - 2 days. Sales and service teams readily available throughout the entire process.... read more

  • C

    They were great overall. Still waiting on few details to be completed.

  • Hung J.

    Great service. The solar panels was very affordable, and very friendly workers. Everyone I have... read more

  • Donna S.

    Great install, completed all in one day. Pleasant and efficient.

  • Carlos R.

    Proffesional and experienced. I personally appreciate the way my family and I were treated. From... read more

  • Tom S.

    I am very pleased with the system. It is producing electricity as advertised!!! The company... read more

  • Krystal H.

    Excellent everything has been smooth and easy!

  • Steve C.

    Though I didn’t end up getting solar panels, their proposal process was quick and easy... read more

  • Randi D.

    I recently had solar installed on my home by Solcius and had a great experience.... read more

  • Corrine

    My husband and I had a great experience with solcius in the installation of our... read more

  • Steve H.

    I had a solar system installed several months ago from Solcius. They were professional from... read more

  • Jon B.

    This is the most professional and efficient company you could ever deal with. From the... read more

  • Dennis J.

    I recently had Solcius install a solar system at my home Then install was on... read more

A+ rating and 4.4 Stars Based on Over 150 Verified Customer Reviews
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Solar may increase the value of your home!

A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that “solar panels are capitalized at roughly a 3.5% premium.” Contact your local real estate agent for information on solar premiums in your area.

Savings Estimator

Solcius customers save an average of 30% off their monthly utility bill. Depending on a variety of factors including geographic location, system offset, etc., your savings may be more or less. Use the slider to see how much you can save by going solar!

*20 year savings calculations are for estimation purposes only and assume a consistent year over year home electricity usage and a 3.9% average yearly utility rate increase.


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Go green and reduce your carbon footprint!

The emission of greenhouse gases has increased by 35% over the past two decades and in 2012, the electric power sector accounted for 32% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

You can greatly reduce your carbon footprint by going solar! Over 25 years, the average residential solar power system (6 kW) is projected to offset 301,034 lbs of CO2. That is equivalent to planting 2,258 trees…

Solar Ownership

Going solar is a great investment for anyone interested in lowering their monthly utility bill, helping the environment, and increasing the value of their home. Take control of your power today!

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